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Explore Vietnam’s culinary highlights on a Banh Mi Tour

If you’ve never sunk your teeth into one of the nation’s favourite sandwiches, locally known as Banh Mi, then have not yet experienced one of Vietnam’s most succulent pleasures. This delightful concoction first made its appearance in this country in the 1960s when the French were introducing the country to some of their most common dishes. The Vietnamese being as creative as they are, decided to add their own twist to this culinary delight, giving it a more rustic spin compared to its French counterpart. The concept of the Banh Mi varies from city to city, however over the years it has done nothing but improve and this year, the Huffington Post declared this tasty snack as one of the 20 best street foods in the world.

As Hanoi is more than 1000 years old, it is responsible for paving the way for much of Vietnam’s history and cultural identity. This is one of the first cities in the country which adopted the Banh Mi and polished it with the Vietnamese charm the world knows and loves today. Taking a trip to 118A Hue Street will give you a taste of one of the best Banh Mi sandwiches in the city, as regarded by foodie David York Foley from the BBC. Using deli style pork with a pate and combination of vegetables such as carrots and cilantro, neatly stuffed into a crispy French baguette. Each ingredient plays a specific role, whether it is for flavour or texture and Foley insisted that this crispy loaf sandwich is one of the tastiest things he has enjoyed in Vietnam.

National Geographic Magazine declared the local Banh Mi in Nha Trang as one of the 11 best street foods on Earth in 2013. In this neck of the woods, the filling consists of sliced bacon and pork bologna, complimented with a slightly pungent sauce cultivated from tomatoes, onion and peppers. other condiments in this mixture include some of Saigon’s most popular fixtures like lemongrass, combined with hoisin sauce, coriander and pickles. This is then carefully placed inside a toasted baguette and is ready for consumption.

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One of Vietnam’s most peaceful cities is also synonymous with creating some of the most delicious Banh Mi sandwiches. Hoi An’s recipe takes thin pork grill slices, sausage or pork bologna and liver pate, then combines them with a special sauce and numerous herbs and vegetables like coriander, basil and cucumber.

So there you have it, if you are a foodie and love your hand held snacks, Join us Vietnam Street Food Tour could very well be the holiday you’re looking for. Of course, the three cities listed are just some of the most popular examples of places to try the delicious Banh Mi sandwich, but you may find something entirely different.

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